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Save Money on WHMIS Training

WHMIS Training is a necessity for most businesses in Canada. Are you like the many people who think that the cost of providing WHMIS training and certification is too high? Are you tired of having to schedule classroom style training sessions and facing hours, or days, of employee downtime? Has your company had to resort to down-sizing as a result of the current recession? Are you incredibly busy trying to cope with the regular responsibilities of your job, and the numerous other functions that you seem to have inherited? Are you unable to find the time to coordinate these training sessions? If so – you are not alone.

In today’s tough economic times, many health and safety managers are looking online for a way to save money on WHMIS training. In addition to the time costs of coordinating the training for multiple employees in a business, there are the out of pocket costs. Even if you do it yourself internally there are costs for sourcing materials such as workbooks and/or videos. Training without testing does not help to create the due diligence employers need to show that they have taken the steps to provide awareness training and ensure their employees are knowledgeable on the subject of WHMIS.

Have you ever contemplated online WHMIS training? What if you knew this could save your company a substantial amount of money, and save you a substantial amount of time and stress? Let’s compare the facts, and see how to save money on WHMIS training.

Classroom Training Facts:

A typical group WHMIS classroom training session will usually last 4-6 hours. This is 4-6 hours of lost productivity. In the classroom setting, each trainee tends to move along at the speed of the slowest person, rather than at their own pace. There are piles of papers to organize, re-tests to schedule, certificates to issue – not to mention the high cost of bringing in an outside trainer. Also, if your company experiences high employee turnover, this could mean multiple training sessions per year.

The alternative ~ Online Training:

This alternative option is an excellent way to save money on WHMIS training. With no group classes to coordinate, no photocopying, no tests to grade, and no certificates to issue; you can continue to focus on your job while your online training provider focuses on the delivery of the WHMIS course for your employees.

Nowadays, there are simple and efficient web-based training programs, allowing people to easily earn WHMIS certifications. They do so in less time, and at an incredible savings. Generally speaking, most online training is accessible 24/7, from any computer with internet access. Individual training is also available, which means that high staff turnover is no longer an issue.

Worthwhile Savings:

Online options can save you time, effort, and stress. It is also a “green” alternative, since there is very little paper to handle. You could also save your company a lot of money… Statistics show that you can actually save up to 69%, just by switching from the traditional classroom method to an online option. Does your company need to save money on WHMIS training?

*This 69% saving is based on an entry made into a “Savings Calculator”. This company has 10 people, currently spending 8 hours on training with 2 hours to coordinate the training, an average labour rate of $20 per hour, and $500 for the cost of the trainer. The total savings to them is $1,483.33. See for yourself at http://getwhmisonline.com/calculator.asp.

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