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When you need Online WHMIS certification we are ready to serve you. We offer personal service to get you set up and your employees certified, quickly, effectively and affordably. There is no risk, you only pay for the access codes you create. Whether you are one person looking to get your personal WHMIS certificate and need a fast and affordable WHMIS training option; or you are managing your company WHMIS training and have hundreds or thousands of employees who need WHMIS training and testing, we can help you meet your WHMIS certification needs.

If you have questions call us toll free. When you are ready to get started we are ready to help.

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Group WHMIS Trainers: we offer a full service option for you to manage your WHMIS training and testing needs, starting with answering any questions you have about how online WHMIS training compares to how you are currently doing your WHMIS training. In most cases the solution we can provide is just as effective as a classroom delivered training, but makes your life a lot easier in scheduling the training, and with the Admin module you can easily view who has completed the training, who has not, and who is up for training or a WHMIS refresher test. And the best part is this is an easy project to sell your boss on because in most cases you end up saving money on your WHMIS training compared to a classroom delivered training option.

Individual and Personal WHMIS Training: you may be looking for an online WHMIS certificate as a requirement for a job you are starting or going out on and when you need it you need it fast. The good news is you can signup online, pay online and view the WHMIS training materials online. You complete the WHMIS test online and it is scored immediately and upon passing your WHMIS test you can print your certificate, easily all in the same day. If you are looking for a job having completed your training and having a WHMIS certificate dated within the past 12 months is a definite asset and may help you to get a job. Your WHMIS Certificate of Completion includes your name, pass date and passing score. You can retake the test and log in and reprint the certificate if you need to.

Health and Safety Consultants: we work with Health and Safety Consultants and complement the work you do in providing health and safety related services. There are some people who prefer face to face training and are not interested in an online training option. There are other people who are looking for a combination of training options some of which are site specific and can only be effectively delivered through a trained H & S consultant and some which can be converted to an online training course and delivered online. We work with H & S consultants in Canada and the US to provide the right combination of products and services for their clients. If you are seeing a shift with some of your clients looking for online delivery of their training we can work with you to license the technology to do this.

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