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WHMIS - Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System or is a cross Canada program intended to provide employees and employers with information about hazardous materials in the workplace.

It is rare that a workplace would NOT have hazardous products.  Most restaurants have cleaning supplies.  Most offices have fire extinguishers and printing toners that are classified as hazardous products.  The purpose of WHMIS is to ensure that both workers and employers have access to information on the hazards of every product they work with, or may be exposed to.  This applies to all workers and not just the people who are “hands on” using the product.

A WHMIS poster shows the classifications of WHMIS and the associated symbols that are on the product packaging.  SafeAndCertified.com provides WHMIS training testing, and WHMIS certification to thousands of individuals and businesses with over 70,000 people trained.  As a response to requests from customers we are providing  a free WHMIS PDF poster which you can have emailed to you instantly.

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