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"Renew my WHMIS" What does it mean?

“I was told I needed to renew my whmis”.  When people call us this is a common opening statement we hear.  There are a lot of people working on contract, as subcontractors, or looking for a job that are told they will need to have a “valid WHMIS certificate”.  When someone says they are looking for a Valid WHMIS Certificate what they really mean is that you got the certificate from a reputable provider (such as SafeAndCertified.com) who has a comprehensive training courses that includes a testing process.

The second item they will be looking for is that the training and testing was completed within the past year.  So if the certificate has an expiry date, or has a date of completion they are looking to see that your knowledge on WHMIS is fairly recent – within the last year.  Which is what they need to do.  An employer needs to ensure their employees are knowledgeable on WHMIS, and the training and testing is one way they can do that.

A common follow up question is, “is a WHMIS renewal the same as taking WHMIS for the first time”?  The answer is it could be.  Some companies and training providers have a first time WHMIS course and have a whmis refresher or whmis renewal that they use when someone wants to replace their WHMIS card or get a new WHMIS certificate.  Both options can be acceptable.

When you need whmis for the first time or to renew whmis that you may have taken several years ago you can enroll in our comprehensive online WHMIS course – valid across Canada – complete the course online and get your certificate displayed instantly when done – as well as having a copy emailed to you.

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