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Health & Safety training: Pay a little bit now… $ave a LOT later.

Do you think that the cost of providing Health & Safety training and certification is too high? Are you tired of dealing with scheduling classroom style training and facing hours of employee downtime? Paying a little bit now, can save you a LOT later.

Many companies have opted NOT to properly train their employees.

The risk:

Injury and death of an employee are certainly high ranking risks… and they will cost you a lot. In the last 8 weeks of 2008, fines in the province of Ontario alone reached nearly $1.4 million, with the average fine being $85, 500. In these recent tough economic times, that’s an awful lot of money to be out of pocket.

The alternative:

SafeAndCertified.com is your leading provider of online training. With no group classes to coordinate, no photocopying, no tests to grade, and no certificates to issue; you can honestly focus on your job while we focus on the delivery of your training.

With our simple and efficient web-based training program, your employees will earn their certifications easily, in less time, and at nearly a 70% savings to you. Our training is accessible 24/7, from any computer with internet access.

Contact us today to learn more about how paying a little bit now, can save you a lot later.

Toll-Free at 1-877-425-5820
Email at info@safeandcertified.com

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