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Personal WHMIS Certification – Should YOU have this?

In this day and age, with WHMIS Certification being the law in Canada; training providers are seeing an increased interest in Personal WHMIS Certification. The traditional classroom style training methods are losing popularity, and in these tough economic times that we have found ourselves in, we must do whatever we can to certify for less.

There are many reasons that people are seeking Personal WHMIS Certifications these days. Some are hoping that this will provide them with the “edge” needed to secure a better job… Others are hoping to be accepted into co-operative education programs where WHMIS Certification is required.

So, the question is: Can obtaining Personal WHMIS Certification really benefit me?? Yes. Absolutely it can. This being said, we mustn’t forget that ultimately providing WHMIS training is still, and always will be, the responsibility of the employer.

During Health & Safety Audits, employers must be able to provide proof of WHMIS training in the form of a WHMIS certificate and/or training records. Even if you do obtain the certification on your own, the employer must exercise their due diligence by teaching you the hands-on practices associated with various products and chemicals, and they must record this as proof of training. Seeing as this is something they would do regardless for new employees, if you apply for a job position as a “WHMIS Certified” applicant this is very appealing – this is money that THEY will not have to spend on you.

Another benefit of Personal WHMIS Certification would be that it shows motivation and dedication on your part, to potential employers. The fact that you have taken the time to seek out this training, lends much credibility to the type of worker that you will be for them. In a job market of such fierce competition, we can truly never have too much to offer on our application.

Personal WHMIS Certification IS the right path to take.

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